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Every cannabis plant contains a wide variety of chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. Every cannabinoid has a similar structure, they each offer their own distinct set of benefits.

Cannabinoids are derived from terpenes, the compounds found in the plant’s colorful resin glands. These compounds can resemble tiny orangish or purple-ish strands that give each cannabis plant its own distinct flavor and smell. On their own, terpenes offer aromas widely considered to be therapeutic. When they pair with other cannabinoids (this is known as the “entourage effect”), they determine each strain’s overall profile. If you’ve ever wondered why a full-bodied IPA and a particular strain of cannabis can share the same robust tropical fruit flavor, it’s because all three of those things probably share a similar terpene profile. Anywhere from 80-100 different cannabinoids are found in a given plant, but the most significant are CBD and THC.

THC offers the “high” that comes with using cannabis while also containing a number of anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and analgesic properties. Recreational and medical cannabis is finding steadier legal ground in the US as a result. Cannabinoid products containing THC are still illegal for recreational use in most states (and medical use in 4 states).

Alternately, CBD offers no psychoactive effect, as well as loads of health benefits. CBD is known to work as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent, combat depression and anxiety, and even help reduce seizures , as a result CBD Oil products derived from hemp and containing no trace amounts of THC are increasingly popular and well worth looking into.


For most, CBD’s ability to treat chronic pain is its biggest draw. It’s believed that cannabidiol does this by targeting brain receptors and reducing inflammation and soreness. There’s even an oral spray on the market, Sativex, that combines CBD and THC to treat pain associated with multiple sclerosis (it’s been very successful).

Brain Function

Some studies have shown that CBD can be used to help with overall brain function, and can even possibly help with the fight against symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and psychosis.


CBD oil has also become an appealing alternative for treating seizures. Recent trials have shown patients successfully taking CBD for issues related to epilepsy, with their epileptic seizures being drastically reduced with treatment. While there are many other medications on the market for treating seizures, they often come with unpleasant side effects that dwarf whatever minor side effects taking CBD may cause.

Promotes Sleep

For the same reasons CBD is effective in treating anxiety, it can help dramatically for those suffering from insomnia or stress. Because of its naturally relaxing properties, taking CBD can help take the edge off hard days and long sleepless nights.

Anxiety and Depression

A growing number of people have also started to see the benefits of treating symptoms of anxiety and depression with CBD. The lessening of these common mental and physical symptoms often leads to a better overall quality of life. Definitely beats taking prescription drugs and seeing a shrink every week to find some sort of comfort and relief from these hard to treat problems.

Hair and Skin

Research has shown that CBD oil can trigger the endocannabinoid system to create smoother, more radiant skin. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can also help with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. For this reason, it also functions well mixed into haircare products for a healthy scalp.


We make our products with CBD sourced from Folium Biosciences. Folium is the largest vertically-integrated producer, manufacturer and distributor of hemp-derived cannabinoid extracts in the United States. They have partnered with some of the largest hemp farms and distributors in the US. Some of the most advanced and effective extraction technologies are still only available at their farms.


cbd farm


It all starts on the farm. Our process begins with naturally farmed, high-quality hemp–cultivated specifically with a high CBD ratio in mind. All of our farms are tested annually for THC compliance by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, and as a result we've ensured top hemp quality and potency.


cbd extraction


From those plants, the team of expert scientists at Folium Biosciences extract CBD utilizing a process that ensures no beneficial cannabinoids are lost in the process. This allows users to experience all of the product's benefits. Advanced nanotechnology, which breaks these compounds into little parts to better absorbed through the bloodstream, is the key to making our CBD especially effective.


cbd manufacturing


The testing process is carefully overseen, and all products are vetted so that they fit agency guidelines. All of our CBD oil undergoes rigorous testing from the field in Colorado to the packaging and shipping of each bottle in Scottsdale, AZ.

We only distribute the absolute highest quality and go above and beyond industry standards throughout the entire extraction and purification process on each batch.

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